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Minglie membrane is widely used in various industries because of its high compliance, reliability and economy.

Life Sciences
Life Sciences

Filtration, sensor, leukocyte filtration, hepatitis B virus clearance, drug controlled release, diagnostic reagent substrate, and DNA separation.

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Energy and environment
Energy and environment

Water reuse, petrochemical exhaust gas recycling, water treatment, waste oil recycling; super capacitor and battery separator membrane.

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Industrial process
Industrial process

Gas and liquid aseptic processing, vegetable juice concentrate, vitamin / antibiotic zymotic fluid edulcoration, protein separation, and turbidity treatment.

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Agricultural technology
Agricultural technology

Organization foster, water saving irrigation, plant source molecular extraction, heavy metals removal for liquid agricultural, mushroom growth control, and gene analysis.

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Fluorine material functionalized flat membraneMore+

Technical Parameters

  • Membrane material : PVDF,PTFE;reinforcement material:PTFE,PVDF,PET,PP

  • form : flat piece membrane, flat roll membrane

  • Characteristic : Permanent hydrophilic, hydrophobic, hydrophobic and oil phobic, intelligent modification

  • Width : 50 , 80 , 120 , 180 , 260 , 360 , 510 , 1000 mm

  • aperture : 0.02 , 0.05 , 0.10 , 0.22 , 0.45 , 1.0 , 3.0 , 5.0 , 8.0 , 12 , 20 μm

  • thickness : 20 , 50 , 100 , 130 , 160 , 200 , 300 , 500 , 2000 , 3000 μm

Products are involved in the transfer of control, screening filtration, adsorption, ion exchange and other separation works. They can deal with gas / solid, liquid / solid, gas / liquid, liquid / liquid and other systems. They have characteristics such as realizing the upgrading of traditional technology, the establishment of new advanced technology standards, energy saving and emission reduction, high efficiency, low cost and so on.

Technology Platform

Technology witnesses products, ideas create the future

The technology basis is self-innovated membrane producing theory system “four-balance theory - three related principle - double cooperation effect” and membrane modification theory system” molecular structure design - topological structure design - principle of ultra - micro reactor”. The application basis is “use reliability - runing economy - verifying compliance”

Four-balance theory

Four-balance theory refers to mechanism and method of the using of phase balance, power balance, coordination balance and proton balance to screen, compete, calculate and verify the formulation of membrane.


Three-related principle

Three-related principle refers to the mechanism and method to forecast membrane pore structure, format process control and make optimization scheme by membrane pore structure model, membrane mass transfer model and membrane binding model.


Double cooperation effect

Double cooperation effect refers to the physicochemical model and numerical description of membrane pore creating contributed by separate and interactive, superimposed and synergistic effects from fugacity gradient and analytic isomorphism.



Growing, maturing, and seeking

Minglie pays attention to the construction of enterprise culture based on "people orientation, science and technology leading", implements the development strategy of "small business, market segments, special products and special talents", pursues the business philosophy of " growing, maturing, and seeking “, seeks the quality objectives of “meeting the user's requirements, achieving the user to pay the value “, and being committed to building a sustainable enterprise growth platform. Minglie owns independent innovation of technical theory system, production equipment and leading product quality. Chairman Professor Ma Bingrong is the senior expert in membrane industry who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He has presided over the national and provincial key science and technology projects six times, patent for invention ten times, published the book "microfiltration technology and its application", and three times been awarded by the Ministry of national science and technology progress.

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Academic Exchange

People oriented, scientific and technological leader, to meet user requirements, the realization of user pay value

Product Standard

PTFE membrane

The QB/T 01-2013 standard provides the important products quality information, such as the model preparation, technical requirements, inspection methods and rules of PTFE microporous membrane, and it has certain reference value

Products Overview

Introduces for Minglie rank-F membrane for medical use

Minglie membrane has many characteristics such as huge surface hole numbers, uniform pore size distribution, specially stable membrane pore structure and surface treatment technology, very economical initial fluxes and contamination levels, excellent environmental tolerance, low or selective adsorption and good after-processing......

Product Application

XH series membrane for agricultural technology

As an irrigation membrane, the choice of membrane pore size is mainly concerned with the state of particles in a water source, pollutant composition and the requirement of water balance for membrane irrigation in follow-up irrigation


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